20 Oct 2021

Insole and reinforced toe in sport socks : today’s leaflet

Wear technical garments that facilitate movement and support him in the practice of sports activities

How much impact on the overall performance of an athlete/ sportsman the technical component - structural of the garments he wears? Are the factors that influence a performance by supporting or limiting it only psycho-physical, that is dictated by nerve impulses, determination, well-being and a constant, methodical, rational training, or is there more?

Technical clothing to practice sports in maximum comfort


In a scale of 1 to 10, if up to 7 the result is made of a mind-body combination that looks at the goal, the remaining 3% combines the so-called right clothing, that is, functional to the type of activity that you want to practice, and perhaps an unconscious, however decisive, psychological variable, which not everyone recognizes as such.

The balance is obvious, it hangs on one side, but it is equally true that the other if not decisive is complementary, as they say plays the role of the "perfect half".

Choosing to label with a generic "sport" the drawer of t-shirts or leggings/ shorts long now become one with the closet, it is not only wrong it is completely unreasonable because:

  1. Practicality: underwear (base layer) and sportswear, are designed structurally and technically to support a type of gesture/ movement (more or less specifically): for this it is good to select a set of coordinated pro running, preferably without seams, light and equally capable of maintaining the body temperature, breathable to the point of not being subjected to heat loss. The same coordination is likely not to be effective if, instead of running, another activity is carried out
  2. Well-being: sports fibres follow the ergonomics of the body and, thanks to their numerous intrinsic properties, act in a preventive manner. If the sweat generated by fatigue is not properly expelled, it risks becoming a fertile ground for the onset of bacteria, disease or widespread malaise. An athlete called to follow a training program that allows him to improve a race performance, can not afford the luxury of forgetting
  3. Well-being: not only physical. It is proven, appropriate dress (therefore technical) increases self-esteem in women, safety in men and in general affects the willpower of both.

The socks with reinforced insole and toe: managment of the performance


We have already focused on why the foot also wants its base layer. Being one of the parts of the body more exposed to the stress of the movement, it is logical to require some consideration because its contribution is optimal in the management of the performance.

If the fabric (fibre) of which the sock is made works in the background, its anatomical and ergonomic structure is the first to intervene during the training and the last to close the circle.Those who practice sports look for a product as technical as well as comfortable: thesock Eleven Seventyseven sock is sewn with a right-left orientation, faithful to the actual shape of the foot. The plant is designed to be longer in the area of the big toe (tip), and then tighten around the little finger, supporting the shapes without forcing them. In this way its hold is much more resistant than any other even tip and not molded.

The heel is designed to adhere perfectly, its construction to Y maintains the stable position: fitting and shape act simultaneously to prevent the occurrence of folds caused by rubbing the foot with the inside of the shoe. If this were not the occurrence of new volumes would increase the internal pressure, generating nuisances that, if protracted, could slow down or negatively affect the performance

Under the foot, a reinforced and breathable insole in Dryarn sponge cushions the blows and friction ensuring maximum comfort. It activates and works as a soft bearing able to cushion the support phase and minimize the opportunities for friction, especially when the physical effort is significant on the lower limbs, as happens in endurance sports that provide running.

1177: the line of sport socks wiht anti-thorsion


The sport line by Eleven Seventyseven was born with the Active collection, a challenge that runs on the goal of mixed performance innovation. White ribbed and sponge of Dryarn, with geometric details more or less elaborate that recall elements of the digital world, confirming the decidedly technological character, such as the pixels of the models City Life, Urban and Metropolitan.

A line that today we can consider a true evergreen in the wake of the changes that have marked the latest trends: in fact, we talk about the revenge of the white socks in sponge, now indispensable day and season. An unexpected rediscovery especially in the binomials that have been spreading for the most part as the until recently abominable sandal and sock, translated by Germany into an original variable but completely unthinkable, with heels. And then again the winning pair of terry cloth socks with any other shoe model, from high heels to platform

The Eleven Seventyseven Active invite to the movement and even the names become a symbol: together with the breathable insole and reinforced toe that play a decisive role in the balance of everyday comfort, the right-left orientation is supported by a band anti-torsion, able to stabilize the foot preventing those movements that abrupt or sudden, cause slight or heavy distortions. The band is designed to allow a greater adherence to the jacket of the shoe and introduced to ensure a safe performance/ optimal if in the race, or total rest in free time.

Insole and reinforced toe in sport socks : today’s leaflet
Insole and reinforced toe in sport socks : today’s leaflet
Insole and reinforced toe in sport socks : today’s leaflet
Insole and reinforced toe in sport socks : today’s leaflet
Insole and reinforced toe in sport socks : today’s leaflet
Insole and reinforced toe in sport socks : today’s leaflet


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