07 Apr 2021

TECHNICAL UNDERWEAR: the ally behind the scenes

Even the foot wants its base layer. It is no wonder that the part most exposed to the stresses of the movement requires attentions so that its contribution is optimal in the management of the performance. There is a fabric “case” between the foot and the shoe whose importance is often underestimated, almost as if it were standard B as the drawer of the “reserves": the sport technical sock, comfort A series.

Sports sock

The sock plays a fundamental role in the intimate team that dresses thesportsman, perhaps the most delicate, although hidden. The sock plays in defense, the leggings in the middle of the field and the shirt in attack, but only if perfectly coordinated, they have a significant effect on the approach to the game and, consequently, the result achieved.

Because the sock plays in defense. Objective? Protect and minimize the friction points between the foot and the shoe we wear. First of all the sock is a barrier that cushions the blows/ rubbing; the door to defend is just our foot. Outside the barrier the sock is a brace, supports and stabilizes the foot allowing it greater adherence to the playing field. It is for this reason that the sports knee-highs signed by Eleven Seventyseven, for man and for woman, is equipped, under the plant, on the heel and in conjunction with the tip of a reinforced sponge insole designed specifically to cushion the support phase and minimize the friction that causes blisters and/ or abrasions; on the sides, instead, an anti-torsion band prevents the emergence of sudden movements, in favour of more controlled stability.

Sports sock: what are its benefits?

If outwardly it is a bearing, its task in contact with the skin greatly affects the quality of the performance. No longer the anatomical structure but rather the matter of which is made to be the key to conquer the three points. Fiber properties on target success are variables that do not allow discounts when not properly selected, but Dryarn® is our best ally if the goal is to win.

During your daily session:

  • the foot must breathe: Dryarn® manages the vapor flow of perspiration, is able to collect sweat (in liquid state), transfer it from the skin, along the surface of the fiber, to the outside of the fabric, releasing it into the environment extremely quickly and effectively;
  • the foot must be dry: Dryarn® creates a breathable barrier that acts as an inlet insulation and sweat vehicle to the outside, via moisture transport channels; in this way it keeps the thermostat and the foot, dry, is warm in the winter months and cool in the summer months;
  • the foot wants to be cuddled: the lightness of Dryarn® which, in the phase of sustained activity translates into softness, increases the wearability. The low specific weight together with the innate capacity of thermal insulation, lightens the movement, freeing it, to the advantage of comfort;
  • the foot requires care and attention necessary for its condition to remain unchanged for the duration of the session: the leg 1177 in Dryarn® is produced with seamless technology, cutting edge in the production of seamless garments that could irritate the foot in its sensitive points and generate disturbances and/ or discomfort, undermining the duration of quality performance;
  • even more important is its cleaning: the breathable properties of Dryarn® prevent moisture from entering the foot by preventing the onset of mold, bacteria and/ or odours, at the basis of some rashes/ skin infections. Dryarn® is classified as a 100% antibacterial and hypoallergenic fiber.

Breathability, thermoregulation and controlled lightness; the mantra that must not be missing on the label of socks for sport.


The defence must always function in unison if we want the actions of attack not to be vain.

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