All the ingredients of innovation.

The Eleven Seventyseven project is divided into three fundamental elements of innovation that are summarized in:

  • material composition
  • anatomical conformation of the product
  • environmental impact close to zero.

Fiber composition

Dryarn is an innovative yarn and highly performing that offer to whom who wear it, comfort, technology, practicality : it is the lightest fiber in nature , therefore always considered as the best ally for the practice of sports activities. Not surprisingly, before the birth of Eleven Seventyseven, the fiber of Dryarn was confined to homes that had as their core business the production of high-end sportswear garments and accessories. We were the first to launch it on the “fashion catwalks" and start a new “need" anticipating, if we want, the future:

dress the technician everyday.

The design process of each 1177 product starts from a 360 º study of design and anatomical conformation of the fit that give it those prerogatives necessary to be able to effectively consider a fashionable garment usable every day. We want each item in the collection to satisfy those who wear it both side tangible benefits of a technical nature and aesthetic, embracing another of the needs that in a sector like ours we could never underestimate, while giving it a completely innovative connotation.

The product features


Dryarn yarn

  • COMFORT AND LIGHTNESS: the lightness of the yarn makes the sock soft and comfortablefor a daily fit.
  • DRY AND CLEAN: itbdoes not absorb moisture, ensuring a dry and temperate fit, warm in the winter months, cool in the summer months.
  • ANTIBACTERIAL AND HYPOALLERGENIC: all 1177 products are dermatologically tested.
  • THERMOREGULATION: better heat dissipation than other traditional fibers thanks to the lower thermal conductivity and the insulating capacity in the input.
  • TRANSPIRATION: Dryarn manages the vapour flow of transpiration so as not to unbalance the thermoregulation system. Under stress it is able to collect sweat and transfer it from the skin, along the surface of the fiber, up to the outside releasing it into the environment.
  • RESISTANT: the Eleven Seventyseven range does not undergo dimensional, structural, material and dries quickly; it resists to any type of abrasion.  

Anatomical conformation


The sock structure

  • 100% FITTING: it perfectly adheres to the skin wrapping it in all key points
  •  “Y” HEELthe Y-shaped construction perfectly adheres to the heel ensuring comfort and maintaining the position.
  • RIGHT – LEFT: The structure of each sock, longer in the area of the big toe and shorter around the little finger, follows the anatomical shape of the foot.
  • BANDthe elastic edge does not go down and does not tighten for a fit OF maximum comfort.
  • RINFORCED SOLE: Its construction softens the walk by ensuring the foot total rest. Suitable for casual wear or for the practice of sports such as running and tennis (the property is typically of ACTIVE and Performance models).
  • ANTI-TORSION BAND: the models of the ACTIVE line are knitted with a band that allows the sock to maintain stability and have a greater grip.

Benefits of the product


  • No creases or increases in volume when shod;
  • Dry skin in any condition and for any situation;
  • It does not release bad smell, preserves the onset of odours;
  • No irritation or itching during use;
  • It doesn’t move, once worn it doesn’t fall;
  • Light walking but above all stable, it prevents the onset of sudden movements.
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