14 Oct 2021

Anti-slip socks that do not go down: the leafletr of today

All the ingredients of innovation of the Eleven Seventyseven's Dryarn fiber socks

We were the first to believe that a technical fiber could become a need not only sporty but completely daily. If Athflow fashion and style had a leading spokesperson for progress and innovation, we would most likely be at the top of the shortlist.

Anti-slip technical socks in sporty chic style


Never mind, it blends "athleisure" and "flow" and is an alternative to sporty style with a chic connotation. In practice, a line of garments suitable for physical exercise, because they are technical, which wins a glamorous reinterpretation typical of catwalk and therefore for all the worldly and fashionable effects. This is how short bikers have paraded in the city combined with oversized blazers, oxford shirts, cropped shirts and camperos boots.

And as often happens, it’s not just trends. A trend is tricke down, imposed by the great ateliers of luxury, while a need is bubble up, intrinsic in a socio-cultural change and the result of events as exceptional as unpredictable that break the balance completely revolutionizing the lifestyle, like the one that hit us deeply in the last year and a half.

Today it is no longer just the great fashion machine that influences styles, today the real protagonists are the new needs that the former can no longer afford to evade: we are called to be responsible, to choose quality raw materials, to make more resistant garments, versatile and multifunctional that marry the one need different, to evaluate the benefits, to satisfy the pleasure as well as efficiency, practicality and comfort.

In the word "fashionable" there has never been a technical voice as bossy as it feels now. We were able to wait, convinced that the time would come, we’re in it.

Eleven Seventyseven anti-slip socks: the socks that do not fall and do not slide the foot


With this section we will review one by one the factors that make 1177 sock a complete product in design and finishes as in its technical-structural properties.

The leaflet of today stops on a not indifferent detail, because they are non-slip.

It happened to everyone once in a lifetime to experience that annoying situation caused by the fall or rolling of the sock when worn.

The unpleasant inconvenience that is resolved by bending down between a snort and something more. Not really, or rather not always so easy, the pants make the operation more complicated than expected. In short, either  you wear elegant trousers, jeans or a skirt, reversing the addendum, the result does not change.

Up and down for the first and second time, maybe while the phone rings, you’re late for an appointment, you have to cross the city, you have your backpack, your umbrella in one hand, a folder in the other and the sky doesn’t seem to consider your request, pity. You choose to postpone but a misstep triggers the descent of the knee-highs to the right, only apparently save from the catastrophe in progress. In the evening, it becomes a sad night and new strange shapes or folds have changed the face of those who looked like simple trousers in the morning.

This is how we engineered a structure of the sock that facilitated the movement, stabilizing, and preventing the fall once worn: a perfect non-slip sock.

The benefits of Eleven Seventyseven non-slip socks


Whether they are designed to dress the female or male foot, the structural elements of the Eleven Seventyseven sock that are activated in response to the problem making it non-slip are the cuff or elastic edge of the models knee-high or short sock, the fitting (quality of adherence) and the non-slip edge not sewn low-socks or footies.

  • elastic edge: its presence ensures maximum stretch of the sock without tightening near the calf. The grip is vigorous and its hold very resistant. Once worn the sock does not fall and does not slide down.
  • 100% fitting: the structure of each sock is designed to faithfully follow the anatomical shape of the foot and leg shapes. This means that the fiber adheres to the skin by wrapping it and following it in the movements without resisting and therefore facilitating them. The fitting is a complementary feature to the elastic edge, both act to support the weight of the sock releasing the pleasure of wearing it soft on the skin. The former makes it uniform while the latter keeps it firm.

  • no-slip edge (footies or low socks): positioned on the instep or ankle, wraps without tightening giving a feeling of comfort and prevents the sock from slipping under the heel in the sneaker.


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