Active Socks Metropolitan


The Active collection is a line of sport short socks - calf height – in soft Dryarn fiber, ideal for versatility and conformation in the practice of physical exercise, whatever the degree of preparation or level reached. They are specially designed with a sponge insert of Dryarn 100% breathable in the arch of the foot that reduces, cushioning it in the most strategic points, foot fatigue. A wide anti-torsion band in more rigid ribbed fabric wraps and prevents the foot from losing adherence or distortion during movement. Active models combine a daily look; geometric and futuristic patterns are ideal even if worn with a sports sneaker. Play with its reversible edge, find the pattern that best matches your Active style and choose your favorite length.

  • Material: Dryarn fiber
  • Pattern: unisex short sock Active
  • Technical Specifications: the sponge support incorporated in the arch of the foot reduces foot fatigue without adding volume, the anti-torsion band stabilizes and supports any movement ensuring greater safety and balance. Right-left shape of the tip. Cushioning in strategic points that cushions strokes/rubbing for optimal and prolonged comfort.
  • Fit: adheres perfectly and maintains the position without slipping on the ankle during movement; warm and breathable in the winter months, cool and dry in the summer months thanks to the thermoregulating properties of the fiber.
  • Ideal for: sport/casual technical clothing with sneaker

COD: 1177-074




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