Knee High Man

Man’s long socks for every situation

The man’s long socks of Eleven Seventyseven are a trait d’union between elegance, sophistication mixed with innovation, quality and practicality. The range is colorful; it alternates models with more classic neutral tones and combinations, the basics for suit and tie occasions and more fashionable items designed to revive or complete the daily outfit, without ever exceeding the harmony and balance. Softness and comfort are the must of Dryarn yarn that guarantees comfort, warmth in the winter months and functionality. The fit of the long line Eleven Seventyseven is always comfortable thanks to a physionomic structure modeled on the anatomical shape of the human foot (longer in the area of the big toe and shorter around the little finger) and the top elastic edge designed to adhere to the skin without tightening or falling down. While enjoying all the benefits it will seem not to wear them.

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