Piquet Dot Blocks Socks

> SKU: 1177-421_MAN447


Showy dots create a delicate but decisive pattern on the 1177 Piquet Dot Blocks. These socks stimulate the visual perception that, in this way, links the elements (single entities-dots), that are in a close relationship between each other. It will be the way our brain will perceive so many small diamond-shapes that follow one another along the length of the sock, according to the principle of proximity, that is described by the Gestalt psychological school? Did you know? Now you do!


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  • LARGE (42-44)
  • MEDIUM (39-41)
  • X-LARGE (45-47)
  • Ink (Nero)
  • Jasper (Verde pino)
  • Orient (Blu )
  • Pewter (Grigio)


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