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Heel-toe, heel-toe, a Made in Italy polka animates the 1177 Pinstripe Pop evergreen socks. A contrasting colored stripes pattern sets the rhythm of the action, engaging Mr. Toe and Mr. Heel in a soft but intense dance that follows the shape of the body, giving it lightness, balance and linearity.Don’t you know what to choose but you want to be the latest fashion? What could be better than the most pop sock of the moment!


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  • LARGE (42-44)
  • MEDIUM (39-41)
  • X-LARGE (45-47)
  • Aviator Buttercup
  • Coffee Tangerine
  • Ink Ocean (Nero)
  • Iron Skydiver (Antracite)
  • Navy Grape (Blu scuro)
  • Olivine Orient (Verde oliva)


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