Where are produced the Eleven Seventyseven products?

1177 products are designed, designed and knitted in Italy; the core of the idea is developed in the company in the District n.6 of Textiles and Hosiery, in Carpenedolo, and then is decentralized to a network of hosiery, laboratories and dyeing, and then cyclically close at the point of origin for finishing operations and quality controls. Through our "network" model we engage a wide range of sub-suppliers and ensure that they maintain high standards through direct contacts and regular visits to all interconnected factories.

Each of our production departments follows the Oeko-Tex certification system, which certifies that the final material or product is properly manufactured without hazardous or toxic substances. To learn more, visit the Oeko-Tex website

Our environmental management systems also follow ISO 14001 standards for an organization that wants to manage its environmental responsibilities in a systematic way and contribute with its commitment to the environmental sustainability of its business.

Our corporate management system follows the international SA 8000 certification standard, aimed at certifying certain aspects of corporate management related to corporate social responsibility (or CSR, from the English Corporate Social Responsibility)including respect for human rights, workers' rights, protection against the exploitation of minors, guarantees of safety and health at work.


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