Design Seasonal 2020-2021

The new items of the long season

Faithful to the success codes of the past and prone to a verve of irrefutable and refined modernity.

There are twelve new items of the long season Eleven Seventyseven that immediately discovers a rediscovery “knit" of tradition and the art of sewing. His signature runs through the ton sur ton surface of the season colors cherry red, silver gray, petroleum green and nude, drawing embossed arabesques thick and thin in the Fine Couture models, and then turn into a voluminous gregate in the Cable Couture models.

It is dominated by a comfort zone of heritage and innovation, faithful to the success codes of the past and prone to a verve of irrefutable and refined modernity. Protagonists of the new vertical stripes alternate ribbed and horizontal mixed wide/narrow or cadenced fine models Vertical, Thiny and Hues, but also an elegant vivacity of geometric linearity with the design Chevron, a polygonal checked pattern that rises in contrasting color along the surface Blue jeans ribbed effect zigzag, which lengthens and streamlines the shapes.

His majesty Pied de Poule stands out in the versions O' and Wide Pied Poule, essence of a colorful ego, ostentatious of style and sophisticated worldliness, and relaunches its illustrious historicity the most desired detail, the polka dots with Alternative Dots, a combination of micro-points Vertical macros that bounce off the dark base in electrifying tones of red, indigo, ice and camel.

The new garments offer the quality of Dryarn yarn in a wide range of patterns, lengths, processes and finishes and combine lightness and softness with thermoregulation and breathability, now essential. A complete 360° study to optimize pragmatism and style releases into the models that give the necessary versatility to give them the attribute of evergreen accessory whatever the habitat of use; whether it is city or mountain, at home or outside , office or leisure, Eleven Seventyseven properties capture and recognize body inputs, activating as required. Of fundamental importance to ensure security, protection and ideal microclimate even in the presence of temperature changes and, as often happens in these months, suddenly drops.

Finally, the icons dedicated to the female foot enjoy the same technical characteristics of the unisex models but add elements that recall an eccentric personality, slave of the latest fashionable garment and punctually sponsored, has become the object of those who are never satisfied if the outfit is not perfectly at peace with the daily flair; the animal-like Jungle Nuance and Feline are born.

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