Design Seasonal 2021-22

All the news from the Eleven Seventyseven 2021-22 catalog

In the golden age of socks and welcome back catwalks in the 70s that show mini skirts, mini shorts and mini dresses, the new fall-winter line signed by Eleven Seventyseven is thrown at the same balance mixing the useful with the pleasant.

Class and firmness are evident from the new shades of smoke grey and ink black that are added to the line The Rib Collection, a classic ribbed cuff that wakes up a timeless heritage and marries so much the dress, evoking professionalism and elegance, as the most informal jeans, as an expedient to express a decisive personality.

The knitwear range is confirmed as the strong point of the collection and is embellished with bright colors for her and for him. The knit effect this year becomes the protagonist in the two-tone horizontal stripe of the Stripe Knit pattern, a knee-high for the day, warm and comfortable inside, rebellious outside. Not only that, the long knit becomes versatile in the most neutral tones of the Diamond line, with compact diamonds in relief; here stands out the kaki green, A must have in the essential palette of those who aspire to the elegance of geometries and sartorial patterns for a minimalism that captures the attention, emphasizes the forms without ever flaunting.

The knit effect returns to create new herringbone volumes in the short calf line signed Herringbone Knit; warm and enveloping to the touch, the model is confirmed as a garment halfway between the day dress and the leisure dress and its verve is the result of that veiled transparency that from the woven mesh creates an effect I see not see.

The geometries and the optical design are sewn on Argyle, a rhomboidal chessboard that weaves a hatch of raised props of brighter color. A new entry on stage certainly not for its ordinariness: far from the monotonous canons of the combined colors, the knee-high humor of winter, like a tie, the bow tie for him or the clutch, jewel for her, becomes the accessory to stand out and dare in the day, play down with personality in the evening.

Halfway between the bon ton and a more or less accentuated sexy allure, space to the new precious pearl applications of ankle socks dedicated to the tunes of the female foot.

A perfect point of light to wear in the season of mini looks and jewel footwear.

Technical socks for sports: discover the new Comfy and Bike models

In an all day long style the items destined for the movement cannot be missing. Not that the previous ones do not support it. The Dryarn is the leitmotif of a technical performance and therefore able to facilitate any activity because it is lightbreathable and thermoregulating but not for all are fundamental the insole and the reinforced toe.

Two structural elements that enrich the performance baggage of the Comfy and Bike models: when particularly stressed during the practice of sport, they defend the foot from acute blows and mitigate the friction generated by rubbing with the shoe. In this way, performance management is safe and controlled.

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