18 Mar 2021

Across the border, in the Engadine mountains, the Eleven Seventyseven base layer


We borrow a thought of William Blake:

When men and mountains meet, great things happen…

This is how a project of indoor/outdoor underwear sewn on the entertainment of the mountain and guided by three essential mantras is born: experimentation, craftsmanship and Made in Italy signature. So, when the “mountain men" on the sunny terrace of Roter Moritz explained to the “lowland men" how indispensable the use of a technical leader was for optimal training, the objective took shape.

It is not a fairy tale, this is the truth: whatever is the sport that you practice in your daily life, wearing specific underwear on the base of the season, external/internal temperatures and the type of movement, is essential for sweat perspiration towards the outside, regulation and maintenance of the ideal physiological temperature (37 º) and thermal insulation. This is how the Eleven Seventyseven base layer is born, Dryarn’s knit-leggings underwear set, now the official complement of the master group and the entire team of the Schweizer Skischule in St.Moritz, of which we are partners.

Technical meets everyday use

The partnership between Dryarn and the world of sport has always been recognized as the most successful union. Our sock accessory lines have expanded the potential of a purely technical fiberusing it into everyday fashion to be the answer to the needs that were maturing in the new tech consumer, attentive to the quality of the fabrics and their ability to perform over time. After having “distorted" it to raise it to a new dimension, today completely fashionable, we closed the circle, sewing on it a garment emblem of its properties, the base layer of the sportsman, the first skin able to guarantee a state of well-being such as to have immediate positive effects on the performance of the wearer, without excluding the comfort factor.

Dryarn makes 1177 T-shirt and leggings the ideal technical layer to be worn in case of intense physical activity and light aerobic exercize, breathable and with a quick drying ability, but also when physical exercise is more static and effort less energetic, as they are capable of greater thermal insulation to protect the body temperature.

Technical Dryarn Features

As Dryarn itself reports, the textile center of Busto Arsizio has published the coefficients of thermal transmission of the most common fibers in nature and, on a scale of increasing values:

  • Dryarn is in first place with only index 6 of heat dispersion capacity, more insulating than polyester;
  • Polyester is in fact in second place (index 7);
  • The wool is the third with a coefficient of 7.3.

In the same way the transpiration index finds it at the top of the ranking with a value of sweat expulsion equal to 100, above the polyester, according to 80. Dryarn microfiber collects the sweat expelled from the glands by transferring it from the skin, along the surface of the underwear and through the appropriate breathable areas, to the outside in an extremely fast and effective. A barrier is created that acts both as a vehicle for the expulsion of the fluids coming out, so as not to unbalance the thermoregulation system, both as an insulating and protective layer in the entrance to keep the skin dry, warm in winter and cooler in the summer months.

No seams, No limits

To be your ideal accomplice every day, the matching knit-leggings, meets the need for controlled fit. The seamless technologywithout seams, makes it an anti-slip product while its low specific weight gives it that lightness to allow you to face the movement of weights and with ease. All amplified by the “second skin" effect that prevents and prevents the formation of folds and/ or increases in the volume of the technical layer allowing those who use it to practice free from nuisances, in total comfort zones.

It is not by chance that the Department of Material Sciences and Chemical Engineering (Turin Polytechnic) in collaboration with the Textile and Health Association, conducted an investigation with the aim of identifying which materials in contact with the skin are more performing and the comfort index of Dryarn stands out in the first place in the variables of fitting and ergonomic.

Athletes from all over the world, grow your performance.


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