29 Oct 2021

Top 5 fitness socks: a shopping guide

How to choose the fitness socks best suited to your needs

To practice any type of sport, from running to the gym, from trekking to simple walking, it is essential to choose the right shoe, but also a pair of socks designed and studied to be able to move at best and in maximum comfort. Fitness socks need to be manufactured with appropriate materials and of excellent quality, to last over time, protect properly the foot and offer additional support - in addition to that from the shoe - during physical activity or more intense exercises. Before purchasing it is therefore important to acquire as much information as possible about the type of used materials, fabrics and technical characteristics.

What charateristics should fitness socks have?


Fitness socks, and in general sports socks, must bind the foot without tightening, accompanying and facilitating the natural movement during physical activity. To ensure maximum functionality and practicality, the right length should be chosen and should not have too narrow elastic edges and cuffs that could cause discomfort and redness or prevent proper circulation. In order not to make mistakes, before proceeding to the purchase, take into consideration these factors of well-being:

  • Cushioning and support: fitness socks are designed to minimize the points of friction between the foot and the shoe and ensure adequate protection, by cushioning strokes and rubbing (thus avoiding the possible formation of blisters and/ or abrasions). They must then support the foot and stabilize the support, allowing greater adherence to the ground. In addition, for the foot to be more comfortable and free opts for a sock soft and protective, better if padded on the front and heel, even better if equipped with reinforced insole and breathable sponge Dryarn as socks line Active 1177.
  • breathability and thermoregulation: to ensure level performance and keep the foot dry, gym or fitness socks must be made with highly breathable materials, that are able to absorb sweat and manage moisture. If you want to achieve excellent results in every season of the year, preferably select socks in 100% breathable technical fabric and, when necessary, equally insulating, that keep the foot warm in winter and cool in summer.
  • slipping: in the practice of sport, socks must ensure maximum grip and prevent the foot from slipping forward. Before purchasing, carefully evaluate the fitting and shape of the socks, do not forget to try the size . The sock is the base layer of the skin of the foot, protects it from friction and from rubbing with the shoes: choosing a larger size can facilitate the sliding forward of the foot and cause the formation of blisters or abrasions.
  • odour control and antibacterial properties: functionality directly proportional to the ability of the sock to keep the foot dry. If the fabric dries quickly (ie breathes), the growth of bacteria responsible for odor formation is hindered. To do fitness in peace without having to worry about unpleasant smells, choose sports socks made of materials with breathable and antibacterial properties, such as yarn Dryarn.

What are the advantages of 1177 fitness socks?


The technical sports socks of 1177 are your best ally for fitness or carrying out any other sporting activity. Made with the innovative yarn of Dryarn, the lightest existing in nature, ensure high performance, breathability and comfort so that your workouts take place in maximum comfort. Thanks to their special structure, longer in the area of the big toe and shorter around the little finger, the Eleven Seventyseven fitness socks adhere perfectly to the skin and follow the anatomical shape of the foot.

The Y-shaped construction of the heel is designed to ensure greater stability and prevent slipping of the foot or the formation of possible folds caused by rubbing with the inside of the shoe. To ensure additional protection, the reinforced and breathable Dryarn fiber insole is able to cushion the blows and friction during the practice of sports, acts as a soft bearing and ensures adequate cushioning during support and thrust.

In addition, thanks to the benefits of Dryarn fiber, the sports socks of 1177:

  • are highly breathable and help evaporation of water, moisture and sweat
  • fight off unpleasant smells
  • dry quickly and ensure a high level of hygiene
  • are soft and delicate on the skin
  • they are insulating and keep the foot always dry, both in summer and in winter, protecting it from heat and cold
  • are antibacterial and hypoallergenic
  • are resistant and do not undergo color or size changes over time

What are the 5 better 1177 fitness socks?


The sport line of Eleven Seventyseven offers different models of socks for fitness, women and men, perfect for your gym workouts, for running, for indoor or outdoor sports activities, and finally also ideal for walking in your free time. Active line fitness socks are equipped with breathable sponge insole, reinforced toe and anti-torsion band, specially designed to stabilize the foot and protect it from distortion or injury due to sudden or sudden movements. In this way, thanks to the presence of the sock, the foot is firm and firm inside the shoe and your performance is guaranteed.

Among the best models of the Active line fitness socks you can find:

  1. Active City Life short socks, an evergreen in Dryarn sponge, with reinforced insole to protect the foot and cushion the shock of movement. Technical and highly performing, ensure excellent grip and, thanks to the comfortable elastic edge, do not go down once worn. Available in white or black, with patterns and geometric shapes, they are perfect to give style and a hint of joy to your workouts.
  2. Active Urban short socks, practical, comfortable and versatile, are equipped with reinforced insole and reversible edge to adjust the length and adapt them to different needs. They are available in different colors with contrasting patterns, from the softer ones, such as grey, to the brighter ones, such as khaki and burgundy
  3. White ribbed Active Metropolitan short socks with colored pixels that recall elements of the digital world. Thanks to the reversible edge you can choose the style you prefer and adapt them according to your needs: long, in total white version, or short with contrasting purple border, to wear every day with sneakers.
  4. Active Over Stripes short socks, combining quality, style and performance. Available in white or black with a multicolor horizontal striped design, they are the right model to liven up even the less fashionable gym outfits.
  5. Active Chess short socks ensure a perfect grip and total rest of the foot. Like all other models in the Active line, they have a reinforced insole and a practical reversible elastic edge at will. Ideal and functional for the gym, you can also wear them every day and dress an original urban-chic style, technical and sophisticated.



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