12 Sep 2021

The 1177 and Al Duca d’Aosta co-branded collection

We created a co-branding project together with the brand Al Duca d'Aosta to build a capsule collection of unique socks and different from usual, able to combine the qualities, the characteristics of both brands to create products capable of merging the world of luxury with the highest technical performance.

The brand Al Duca d’Aosta


Al Duca d'Aosta was born in a hidden corner under the Rialto Bridge, like a small boutique specialized in the resale of fabrics for shirts. Four generations later it became an enclave of experience and tradition in the art of working and producing its primordial garment, now a product of property. The constant research and attention to the trends of the moment makes A Duca D’Aosta an essential reference point for a modern but above all elegant and refines style

Over time, it has consolidated the ability to select high-quality design garments. Nothing is left to chance, the selection of garments available off and online covers parallel but defined sides of the fashion streets, from the most exclusive runway looks signed Valentino, Versace and Saint Laurent to the most sophisticated and elegant suits of Cucinelli, Balmain, Zegna and Tom Ford, from the latest IT bags to the season’s iconic accessories such as Bottega Veneta, Stella Mccartney, Off White and Gucci.

Al Duca D’Aosta Special Collection by Eleven Seventyseven


The approach was clear, right from the beginning the guidelines for the development of a collection inspired by the dictates and identity of the brand have taken on a precise identity: quality of fabrics, research and selection of trends from which to assimilate the best attributes, attention to design detail. These were to meet and merge with the more technical component of the Eleven Seventyseven product. The fiber of Dryarn should then play cards uncovered in the most difficult, luxury and premium lifestyle, to accompany with fidelity the Italian tradition of top level brands revisiting it with a premium performance perspective.

The strengths of the New Collection


  • A limited edition for him that embodies both the concepts of premium lifestyle, classic business and 100% Made in Italy worldly sophistication;
  • Conceived among the harmonies of the classic luxury top-brand dresses and suits with high added value, more or less formal; a capsule with neutral colors as the centuries-old tradition but refined in the sewing (knit) and surface design (the low stripe on an alternating unicolor base, a contrasting detail) that blends perfectly into a contemporary and delicate fit;
  • Inspired by the Venetian soul, guardian over time of great skill and mastery in the art of processing the finest fabrics. Each product detail is designed to enrich the sense and aesthetic taste of a total look that, despite having centenary origins, is still one of the most appreciated and revisited in the world of luxury fashion.
  • A selection of models that embody classicism and modernity; while on the one hand it reproduces a minimal design with refined inserts and workmanship, on the other hand it is intrinsically innovative in the properties of the raw material with which it was made, the Dryarn;
  • Superior quality because it is able to ensure the maximum comfort of a technical fiber garment and the aesthetic satisfaction of a luxury accessory, with attention to detail, from the knitting to the finishes;
  • Products designed in co-branding by a team of designers and made by the Eleven Seventyseven almost entirely eco-sustainable with all the features of 1177 socks
  • A revolutionary packaging rethought in a traditional/chic key, the Eleven Seventyseven can personalized with Al Duca D'aosta brand in gold satin relief and its logo, and symbol, reproduced throughout the circular diameter of the surface to identify an almost regal style;
  • Originality and exclusivity of the capsule thanks to the creative process refined and attentive to the smallest details.

The result of the co-branding project


We started with Al Duca d'Aosta a lasting collaboration that, edition after edition, not only proposes the bestsellers of the collection, now become true evergreen, but above all revisits and explores in a modern key old and new requests, from the purely technical improvements of material and conformation guarantees superior quality performance to the most aesthetic as the design details in the created fantasy. But the project has achieved other important results:

  • A greater awareness that dresses and enjoys the benefits of technical fabric in everyday life is the new frontier of high fashion because the combo performance-pleasure works and satisfies the customers of the brand with full marks.
  • The triggering of a new need in the customer that first tested the product under the professional advice of experienced collaborators of the brand (who first knew its potential) and now requires it, issuing advice and messages about the ability to reproduce it, modify and/or revisit it.
  • The accessory sock, previously underestimated, has reached the goal that has long deserved: to enter the narrow circle of clothing that, in the luxury sector, has always made a difference. It no longer goes unnoticed, indeed, it is said to be the new "cherry" for a harmoniously flawless look, from head to toe.
  • A new perception of high-tech fashion: we have reshaped the boundaries between everything that belongs to the sphere of comfort and everything that is rightfully part of the sphere of charm/ chic, the combination is possible and the target customers has fully understood the benefit.
  • A more than positive feedback on the awareness of both brands in the area thanks to a significant increase in conversations about the project in co-branding on online channels.
  • Synergy between the social channels of brands that have seen a considerable increase in fanbase that has supported each other interacting with hashtags, comments and User Generated Content very original.


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