15 Dec 2020

Something that’s more than the sum of the parts

Special Capsule Collection 1177 for Maximillian

Together with Maximilian we recently joined forces, legacy and vision to create a common collection, a capsule collection of socks that combined the qualities, characteristics of both brands to create something unique, new. Something that’s more than the sum of the parts.


Maximilian has adopted the motto Passion for Fashion since 1989, when Hannes and Martina Profanter inaugurated their first store in Bressanone. It was the beginning of a success story that saw the brand conquer, in the sector of premium fashion and lifestyle multilabel, the certificate of major player in Northern Italy and in particular South Tyrol with over 10 stores between Bressanone, Brunico, Merano and Vipiteno. A brand that loves to range within fashion from the casual of the most trendy garments to elegance for the evening up to the sportswear selection, opting for brands, labels and manufacturers who prefer quality, individuality and Made in Italy uniqueness. A brand whose founding values are the ones we need most, such as kindness, quality, passion, professionalism, style advice and individual skills of the employees, none excluded.


When we first met the management of Maximilian we all immediately made that opportunities to join them and our heritage in something more that was spokesman of the best aspects of one and the advantages of the other, they filled the whiteness of the notebook with black ink alone. And so after various meetings, skype and email exchanges on details such as textures, colors, patterns, finishes, fabrics, sketches and production tests, the new capsule collection designed in co-branding by both was born, the satisfaction and adrenaline for his launch were impossible to hold back.


  • It is a collection of socks in Dryarn declined according to the collection GENDER by Maximilian to offer the opportunity to the customer to have a real total Evergreen look, without time not season, as the 100% Made in Italy yarn wants;
  • It offers quality and performance that only a product designed to the needs and tastes of the partner and inherently virtuous for its countless properties can guarantee;
  • A pattern (minimal or more refined) for every style married and selected by the brand Maximilian, a capsule that embraces opposing worlds and styles but united in a superior quality product that ensures maximum comfort of a technical garment and the aesthetic satisfaction of a stylish accessory;
  • Products designed in co-branding by a team of designers and made by the Eleven Seventyseven almost entirely eco-sustainable with all the features of stocking 1177;
  • A revolutionary and captivating packaging, the iconic Eleven Seventyseven can personalized with Maximillian brand;
  • Originality and exclusivity of the capsule thanks to the creative process refined and attentive to the smallest details.


The one started with Maximilian is a long-lasting collaboration that, season after season, continues to explore new requests and new worlds. This has allowed the project to achieve important results, in addition to the creation of a collection of unique socks and different from the usual:

  • A greater awareness that the technician in everyday life is possible because the product we made in co-branding has proved to be anatomically and aesthetically performing;
  • The triggering of a new need in customers who first tested the product under the professional advice of experienced brand collaborators (who first knew its potential) and now requires it;
  • A new perception of HIGH TECH FASHIONwe have reshaped the frontiers between what that belongs to the sphere of comfort and what is rightfully in the sphere of charm/ chic, the combination is possible and customers immediately understood the benefit;
  • Synergy between the social channels of brands that have seen a considerable increase in fanbase that has supported each other.


We #walkforward 

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