Histories of quarters

Here are over 60 years of Made in Italy savoir faire in everything we create, from that district, our little Lame, up to the crowded catwalks of the fashion metropolis.



It is a numerical and symbolic baptism, that project capable of leading the world of hosiery in a small and then great revolution, whose roots, however, have been woven, reshaping and strengthening over time, under the indomitable entrepreneurial spirit of a woman, Ileana Pinelli, who alone has been able to fill the gaps in the market and give it a new form, complete, evolved in matter and refined in detail. But today a new added value lends itself to parade along the Made in Italy supply chain of hosiery; yes, the futurist frontier Eleven Seventyseven has reaped the fruits of mastery and hopes to give it the unconventional face of the revolution. But… we rewind and unroll the skein to discover, step by step, the conductors.



Ileana Pinelli crosses the first milestone, the 1000 meters that open the doors of her manufacturing company, Calze Ileana S.p.A and prepares strategically to juggle in the District of Calza Castel Goffredo, a fabric of already large companies and many small craftsmen.



Strip pantytulle leggings, lurex and organza confetti, colour and material casting that transform a pantyhose into a pictorial table, refined yarns, authentic modeling of samples, begin to populate the archive of winning ideas preserved and jealously protected in the small district Lame.


1996. THE GEN X OF 1966

The stage opens to a new strategic course chaired by the second Pinelli generation, who grew up among the warehouses of international successes that have dressed celebrities such as Christina Aguilera and Cher in the movie “Burlesque" and special capsules made for Italian, French and American high fashion brands. The well-established witness is handed down to Alda and Luca Bondioli.




The innovation of an entire fashion sector could not be considered really such if not supported by an eco-sustainable development plan of its supply chain. It’s 2009 and the headquarter lays the foundations for the implementation of solar panels in the production and dyeing departments for an operation able to respect the same environment that has in turn cultivated.



If Calze Ileana is an enclave of experience, style and modeling from which, in collaboration with some of the most famous fashion designers, wonders such as tights Damier, voile with organza inflorescences, stockings with Swarovski inserts or with polka dots in pony ton sur ton, paillettes-effect foil prints, textures in micro cashmere or pied de poule and inlaid games worthy of a museum exhibition are born, his firstborn Eleven Seventyseven took the complete luggage, It has hermetically sealed to retain its properties and peculiarities and has climbed on a train with destination new material composition of the selected models, the Dryarn, the incipit of the potential of technical fiber in everyday life.



Three years of careful studies of the sector and a through examination of the market offer. A revolutionary design was born that identified Dryarn by Aquafilthe lightest yarn existing in nature, thermoregulatingwaterproof, resistant yet comfortable to the touchhypoallergenic and antibacterial, the new need to anticipate and weave into a product that would have conveyed technical and aesthetic properties unique in its kind.



It’s 2014 and a final test carried out on 10,000 athletes marks the new course of Calze Ileana s.p.A; the brand owned by Eleven Seventyseven is born. The fashion sector, for the first time, welcomes a sock with technical properties already confined to the world of sport, harmoniously combined with a refined and fashionable design of the garments produced, fruit of the consolidated identity of the manufacturing tradition of the company.



From the unconventional and not homologated nature every pair of 1177 finds its natural habitat in a patented and copyright protected can, the Energy Can.



In 2018, the launch of the Vending Machine Eleven Seventyseven for a new multichannel distribution process, flanked by the Humanoid Robot Pepper, a “sales assistant" with A.I. and able to interact with customers and prospects just like a real store clerk.


Today we like to define ourselves as the astronauts of the new frontiers of quality and innovation of the sector, inevitably signed Made in Italy.

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