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Passion may be a friendly or eager interest in or admiration for a proposal,
cause, discovery, or activity or love to a feeling of unusual excitement.

Technology meets glamor

The stockings become the protagonists of an active, dynamic world: practical, colorful and functional but also elegant. Essential, technical and performing. From their interaction extraordinary synergies arise; the style is expressed in its most authentic, unique and energetic form. The urban attitude and comfort are the link between essential lines and futuristic combinations. The stockings are marked on the insole by the words LEFT and RIGHT, because we have studied a specific shape that perfectly outlines the shape. The size is shown on the insole. Ours is the lightest yarn in nature and has characteristics of thermoregulation and resistance superior to all others. It is always dry on the skin and is completely hypoallergenic. Moisture and sweat are conveyed to the outside of the fabric, evaporating rapidly. It also has a unique insulation capacity, superior to any other fiber, which allows maintaining body temperature in any atmospheric situation. It guarantees perfect hygiene and is not attacked by moths, insects or other microorganisms. It does not absorb dirt stains, making it easy to remove them with normal detergents. It does not charge electrostatically and does not attract atmospheric dust. It is an ecological fiber, dyed at the origin with solid additives that do not require disposal and for this reason it is totally recyclable.


1177 is the encounter between glamor and technical features typical of the sports world, a synergy between fashion and movement. With the name 1177 we want to represent the universes of the masculine and the feminine in a graphic and immediate way. The 11 refers to the male legs while the 77, according to an ancient Italian tradition, symbolizes the female legs. Together, these elements give life to a world made up of Made in Italy tradition, dynamism and style, comfort and innovation, for a unisex product with unique details. 1177 redefines the concept of stockings. Our mission is to transform them into accessories with a precise identity and look. Current colors and patterns, high quality materials and cutting-edge technologies, for an urban style that combines with everyday comfort. All accompanied by a coordinated image, a packaging and a communication with an unmistakable character.

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